2019’ Best Dog Movies

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The connection between man and dog is a universal one that is easy for viewers to relate to and find some compassion toward. Therefore, dozens of movies have been made starring dogs. However, some are more powerful than others. Here we have listed two of the best dog movies in 2019.

A Dog’s Journey, Universal

For the last few years, Universal has had some luck adapting W. Bruce Cameron’s novels centered on dogs starting with 2017’s A Dog’s Purpose. The first film introduced the concept of human stories being told through the inner monologues of pups. A dog named Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad) lives and dies as multiple dogs with different owners across decades but finds his way back to his first best friend Ethan (later played by Dennis Quaid). However, it’s the 2019 sequel A Dog’s Journey that really delivers on the concept as Ethan’s estranged granddaughter (CJ) grows up with a form of Bailey and he goes on a mission to reunite her with him, along with delivering on an adorable love story between young actors Kathryn Prescott and Henry Lau.

Togo, Disney

As we reach the top three dog movies, 2019’s Togo has earned a spot among the best! It recently came out on Disney’s new streaming service and was met with rave reviews among audiences and critics alike. Willem Dafoe plays Leonhard Seppala, who leads his sled dogs through the treacherous serum run in 1925. It’s a true story that goes back and forth between the heroic run and the early years of the titular Togo, who was originally seen as too small and weak to lead the sled. Dafoe’s performance incredibly injects heart into the movie as he has a tumultuous relationship with the dogs – something many of us can relate to. It’s everything a dog movie should be… hopelessly adorable, adventuresome, beautiful and tragic. Not to mention, it sets the record straight about Balto, who has long received more credit than Togo surrounding the event.