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Only those who’ve watched films such as “The Game” or similar films about escapist adventures turned frightening or even weird could anticipate some of the turns and twists of Game Night. It’s a film in which moviegoers appreciate the way the directors and screenwriters tie themselves to the structure of the film as a journey of narrative and personal discovery as well as the psychology of the characters.

Game Knight – One of the Most Entertaining Movies of the Year

Game Knight is one of the most entertaining and funniest movies released this year and allows viewers a closer look at the partiers who are game lovers that get drawn into danger. It is a film that has a knack for going right to the edge of nastiness and therefore it is raucously funny. Directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, written by Mark Perez, Game Night keeps piling on improbabilities as it stars out borderline nonsensical until it leaves the world behind in an exercise in ludicrousness. With Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman as the main couple Annie and Max, living in a suburban home where they host regular game nights. A cleverly-edited opening montage shows how games such as charades, Scrabble and Pictionary are the base of their relationship and eventually led to their marriage.

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Game Night guests include Sharon Horgan as Annie’s dim-witted friend, Billy Magnussen as Ryan, married couple Michelle and Kevin played by Kylie Bunbury and Lamorne Morris, and then Brooks played by Kyle Chandler who is Max’s estranged brother who succeeds in ways Max could only dream about.

It is Brooks who invites everyone over to his rich-guy house, and this time it is for a different kind of game that is modelled on the murder mystery dinner parties that became quite the fad in recent years. It is then that Game Night becomes more of a roller coaster ride that whisks audiences through broad deadpan, slapstick exchanges as well as imminent threats that erupts in total mayhem. Brooks gets kidnapped while everyone else accepts it as part of the game, everyone splits up into pairs and focus on solving the mystery. There are side plots involved such as the obsession Kevin has with finding out if Michelle was unfaithful, while juicy personal bits are revealed.

If it sounds boring you’ll be sadly mistaken, Game Night offers a house party that echoes a masked spectacle, madcap car chases, and entwines doomed romanticism, disappointments and sibling rivalry put across by the across with flair. Some couples try figuring out how far is too far and then stop only once one toe is already over the line, there is physical injuries, calibrated mishaps, exploding cigars and basically this comedy takes nothing seriously, but that’s apart from fun as none of the characters is quite as they appear at first glance.