‘Gone Girl’ – marriage is the grave of love? (Part 1)

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This year’s feverish adaptation film is a work that is attractive enough, thrilling enough to make many female viewers feel happy and men have to shiver.

In 2012, Gillian Flynn’s female writer Gillian Flynn’s thrilling psychological novel Gone Girl quickly created a fever and was listed by the New York Times in the list of “Best Seller”. The book explores the dark side of marriage through the story of a wife who suddenly disappeared on the occasion of her 5th wedding anniversary and all doubts are on the husband. With its delicate storytelling and haunting ending, Gone Girl received countless compliments from critics.

The Financial Times even commented on a brief sentence about the book: “Read it and stay single”. Immediately after Gone Girl debuted and caused fever, actress Reese Witherspoon expressed interest and quickly bought the copyright with her collaborators to adapt this work to the big screen.

Movie poster “Gone Girl”. The adaptation of the novel of the same name caused a fever in the world theaters in October and for two consecutive weeks was the top-selling film in North America.

The film adapts faithfully to the plot in the original literary work. It all started from the mysterious disappearance of Amy Elliott Dunne, wife of Nick Dunne right on the occasion of their 5th wedding anniversary. The scattered evidence at the scene is not enough for the police to conclude this case. A quick investigation was conducted and attracted the attention of public opinion by Amy is a famous female writer. All doubts were on husband Nick Dunne and the majority thought he killed his wife. Although he always asserted his innocence, Nick’s testimony always had loopholes as if he were hiding a secret.

Following the investigation of the police, viewers discover the romance of Amy and Nick when they just met, fell in love, got married and experienced psychological crises like many young couples. . Every detail, knots were opened to answer the doubts: “Is Nick Dunne the killer?”, “If Amy died, where is your body now?”.