Greenland: Human love in the apocalypse

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Facing the danger of apocalypse, the US government selects some citizens into the bunker to raise hope of rebuilding the world.

Greenland is set in the context of humanity facing a meteoric disaster from fragments of comet Clarke. Construction engineer John Garrity (Gerard Butler) is one of those lucky enough to be heralded by the government of the apocalypse. They invited his family and other groups of people to board a plane to a bunker in Greenland to find opportunities to survive and rebuild the world after the disaster.

The Garrity family’s journey did not go as planned. As soon as the news of the apocalypse was revealed, the unselected people found ways to survive. Society became in turmoil with bandits and rebel groups. Three members of the Garrity family lost each other and tried to reunite and overcome the tribulation.

Greenland gives the audience a dramatic escape from the Hollywood disaster film.

Director Ric Roman Waugh keeps the film’s circuit going smoothly with the details going quickly, drawing viewers into the main character’s survival race. The film contains many dramatic scenes when the Garrity family is repeatedly pushed into challenges. To protect himself, the middle-aged engineer had to kill for the first time. Meanwhile, his wife and children must also surpass themselves in order to survive, when there is no longer her husband’s protection.

However, in the midst of chaos, they still meet and are helped by many good people. Elk questioned the moral nature of man put in perilous situations. Thereby, the film conveys many positive messages, upholding the virtues of sacrifice and compassion.

To give depth to the script, the crew incorporated a side storyline about the healing journey of Garrity and his wife and children. Although there was not much time for this part, director Waugh still told the complete little story, partly pushing the emotions to the climax. This segment also contributes to creating a break for the audience during the stressful film circuit, to settle down to think about the humanistic message of the work.

The less angular character John Garrity is not a difficult challenge for him, who has more than 20 years of acting experience in Hollywood. The heroine Morena Baccarin (Deadpool, V) also easily transformed Allison, the wife of the male lead. The work also has a large number of supporting character lines, reasonably included to advance the storyline.

During the period when Covid-19 almost completely blocked the American film industry, Greenland was an entertaining work for audiences, converging all the factors that made the Hollywood blockbuster success.

However, the work is not breakthrough, difficult to create broken emotions for viewers. Movie details are simple and predictable. The script still contains some illogical details but within the acceptable limits of fiction and disaster. The image part does not have many impressive and pleasing segments.