Instant Family: Both Utterly Heartfelt and Utterly Shameless

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In “Instant Family”, a film that looks, sounds, and sometimes acts like a dumb comedy, Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne adopt three kids at once. But stick with it, and you’ll discover that Sean Anders’ latest is a moving family drama that just happens to be funny.

Because there are too many kids without parents in the world, Pete (Wahlberg) and Ellie (Byrne) decide to look into adoption instead of having their own. Then, when they decide to adopt three kids, they’ve set themselves on a path to real maturity. The film will get increasingly serious as it goes, even earning a few tears in its finale.

“Instant Family” makes you understand that the foster care and adoption process is emotionally complicated for both adults and children. The foster parents who decide to give up on the process or who are only in it for the paycheck will make the children experience the pain of separation, and of being treated like a commodity. The result is that the children often reject affection and love.

Pete and Ellie completely regret their decision of signing on for such a massive responsibility. One night, they sit in bed and remind themselves that they don’t have to keep these children and that their lives would be easier without them. They understand but accept, they never abandon these children.

Wahlberg and Byrne are well suited to this material. They are intensely likable actors to shine with characters under situations which are beyond their abilities.

The title “Instant Family” is kind of perfect. After all, this family gets properly forged. “Instant Family” comes together because they never give up on each other and love is always worth the trouble.
“Instant Family”, a decent, involving, endearing story, with funny performances and heartfelt, is worthy of love.