Life of the Party

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An abundance of onscreen talent ensures good-natured humour, and by placing a budget of $30 million in the hand of director Ben Falcone, you have a box office hit coming.

Solid husband-and-wife comedy due to Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy collaborate on a funniness that summons memories of Rodney Dangerfield heading straight back to high school. McCarthy takes on the role of a housewife who gets to go back to college and not any college; it is the same one her daughter attends.

Returning to College & Ending Up in Same Class as Her Daughter

Deanna, a dedicated housewife, suddenly gets dumped by her husband, she decides to turn regret into reset, her first thought is to go back to college. She then winds up at the same college as her daughter, who is needless to say not thrilled at all by the idea. Mother, Deanna, on the other hand, are thrilled to land in the same class and looks forward to plunging into the campus scene and enjoy her new freedom, seen as a second chance to be young and have fun on her own terms. She hooks up with a lad half her age and participates in a lot of frat-partying and drinking, while as one of the sorority girls she also binges on marijuana-infused chocolate, accidentally.

So, audiences can expect the usual from McCarthy which includes plenty of physical comedy. Especially once she moves on to campus to hang out with Maddie and to mother some of the other girls until she meets Jack, a handsome frat guy that becomes her May to December romance.

McCarthy, Comedian, Genius

McCarthy takes the role as Deanna to new heights as the mom rediscovers life as a pre-mom, she gives a lot of warmth to the character that refuses to give up. Critics praise McCarthy, described as a genius, the film as a heartier celebration of her talents, which includes portraying human, empathy and flirtatious all at the same time. Yet some critics feel she buried her laugh instincts in a blanket of bland.

Life of the Party Film

Released in the United Kingdom on the 11th of May 2018, Life of the Party reached $65.7 million at the box office. Melissa McCarthy gives true meaning to the phrase “life of the party” by just being herself, an amusing and lively person that is always the centre of attention at social gatherings. According to the British Board of Film Classification the 104 minutes 30-second film with a moderate reference to comic violence, sex, language and drug misuse.

The last part of the film easily one of the funniest released this year includes Julie Bowen, Gillian Jacobs, Molly Gordon, Debby Ryan, Jacki Weaver, Shannon Purser, Melissa McCarthy, Stephen Root, Heidi Gardner, and Luke Benward. McCarty is undeniably the most talented comedian, and in this formulaic college comedy, there are a lot of laugh-out-loud moments courtesy of Maya Rudolph and McCarthy.