Meghan Markle was invited to voice the cartoon ‘The Simpsons’

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After getting a reputation for wanting to return to Saturday art, Meghan Markle was asked by many studios, including the director of the hit animation series The Simpsons.

Recently, the public has been stirring up information when Meghan Markle wanted to return to acting with a superhero character. Her assistant, Nick Collins, is looking for an impressive role and publicize Meghan Markle’s cooperation in a Disney studio’s voice project.

Not only that, Prince Harry also helped his wife by introducing Meghan Markle to Disney CEO Bob Iger and his wife, Willow Bay. As understood by the wishes of Meghan Markle, producer of The Simpsons, AI Jean offered her a voice acting role in this popular animated series.

Hoàng tử Harry và vợ trong buổi công chiếu 'The Lion King' /// Ảnh: Getty images

Al Jean shared with RadioTimes that Meghan is very welcome to take on the voice acting role in the animation that aired on Channel 4. With content that satirizes many aspects of life, especially the lifestyles of the working class and middle class in the US, American culture and society in general, The Simpsons is considered one of the great cultural products. They are the most important and influential of the United States. AI Jeans, who has been with the anime series from the beginning, is considered a talented screenwriter and can predict the future. The Simpsons have more than 15 times correctly predicted the events that will take place in real life such as Donald Trump’s election of President of the United States, Ebola epidemic, Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox or the introduction of smart watches.

Meghan Markle được mời lồng tiếng phim hoạt hình "The Simpsons ...

Despite being an actress, this return of Meghan Markle will be quite difficult when the public still can not forget the noisy series of the British royal bride. In early March 2020, Meghan Markle met the Queen of England for the first time after leaving Buckingham Palace in January 2020. Both Prince Harry and his wife attended the final official event at the Commonwealth Day, which took place at Westminster Abbey on 9.3. Currently, the couple has returned to Canada safely and voluntarily restricted from leaving home to avoid infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.