Review of the Movie: Two for the Money (2005)

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Two for the Money is a thrilling movie by D.J Caruso starring Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey. Pacino shines as Walter Abrams, the owner of a sports betting operation, who takes a percentage of the bets placed by punters. McConaughey’s character is Brandon Lang, a former college football player turned bookmaker from Vegas. The film explores the relationship between the two characters and their business interests as well as the emotions involved in sports betting.

The Relationships Between Characters

As Brandon keeps predicting winners in football games, thanks to his inside knowledge as a former pro, Pacino’s character is impressed by the accuracy of Brandon’s predictions and invites him to New York. Once he arrives, he becomes involved in television shows and all the glamorous trappings of life in the Big Apple.

Although initially a successful partnership, Brandon’s luck doesn’t last forever and soon the cracks start to show in the business and the relationships between the main characters. This is an interesting study into gambling psychology and human relationships.

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A Study of Gambling Psychology

In the film, Walter speaks in a Gamblers Anonymous meeting, telling everyone that he believes betting people are addicted to losing and they will continue to bet until they lose again and again. Pacino is addicted yet has the audacity to hand out his business card to the people at the meeting, which is a poignant and highly ironic touch.

Al Pacino is excellent in this movie as the business tycoon Walter and the great interest in tips and predictions for online bettors in real life as Brandon’s skills are highly sought after and Pacino is desperate to have him on side.

At the end of the film, the message is driven home that much with any gambling is down to Lady Luck, as Brandon’s final prediction is correct, even though he determined it by flipping a coin.