The Replacements (2000), review

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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sports & Fitness

Runtime: 118 minutes

Directed by: Howard Deutch

Written by: Vince McKewin

In Theaters: Aug 11, 2000 

Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Audrey NewmanMovedit25

Football season is coming closer, meaning it’s the perfect time to watch football movies. Football movies are great as they take away the commercial breaks and fill in with emotional journeys and touching stories, and perhaps some laughs along the way. One of the best movies about football of all time is The Replacements, directed by Howard Deutch. It is slap-happy entertainment that was painted in broad strokes, two coats thick. It’s like a standard movie about sports, but with every point made twice or three times. And the musical score of the movie provides such painstaking instructions about the way how to feel during every scene, it’s like the booklet telling you how to unpack your computer.

With all respect thanks to Major League, The Replacements is amongst the best bad sports movies of all time. This is Keanu Reeves when washed-up quarterback Shane Falco, scraping barnacles off the side of boats near the stadium in Washington. Shane Falco is suddenly thrust back into the world of football by over-the-hill coach Gene Hackman due to a labor strike. I’m sure that you have never been so firmly on the side of workers as in this movie, which is basically about strike-breakers who cross picket lines in order to get a second chance at football careers.

If that concept sounds insane, it is. The Replacements is quite unrealistic, full of unnecessary shenanigans, and perhaps doesn’t hold up all these years later. However, it’s so weird and odd that it has some very memorable lines. In this movie, the football footage is at least mostly comprehensible as instead of opting for shapeless montages of colors and action, Howard Deutch tries to make sense of the plays. But the characters of Stone were conceived on a high level and his issues were much grown up.