Top 15 best American action movies of all time (Part 1)

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As a crazy fan of American action movies, you definitely cannot help but know and see 15 names that have entered world legend and Hollywood history once.

America is considered the cradle of the world’s most famous cinema, producing movies about the confrontation between “good” and “evil” with many fierce battles with bare hands or weapons, fast tempo and high cinematic skills. Join us below for a review of the best American action movies of all time that have entered the film industry.

Commando: A classic American action film

Choreographed by director Mark L. Lester and released in 1985, perhaps until now, when watching this great action movie, many people still fall in love with the super-standard body of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger when you clear the virtual world by yourself. This is also the film that inspires many online game makers that you used to play through when you were “a fierce childhood”.

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Rambo Film Series: Best American Action Film

Perhaps the image of warrior John Rambo is too famous for you and he is listed in the “List of 100 heroes and villains of the American Film Institute”. There are 4 parts of Rambo movies, each one is a different adventure, but the common feature is a lot of guns.

The Expendables: The action masterpiece

All 3 parts of The Expendables – mercenaries are super products. You can see that the actor who plays the role of Rambo is also the main character of this series. Not only that, the combination of actor duo Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham always gives viewers interesting moments.

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The Transporter series

The Transporter was first released in 2012 directed by Louis Leterrier and Corey Yuen and starred Jason Statham. The action movie with super impressive driving scenes, the most realistic gunfight scenes only in the movie …

The Fast and the Furious series

Too fast and too dangerous is what can be said about the series with the speed that every part makes the audience excited.