Top 15 best American action movies of all time (Part 2)

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Mr and Mrs smith

The drama of the plot, the shootings like superman, the romantic scenes like the Japanese film is what can be said about the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. It’s not difficult to put it on this couple’s list of the best American action movies of all time.

Crank series

This is a series of films that made the name of actor Jason Statham. The movie revolves around an assassin who is injected with poison and he will be in danger of life if his heart rate is slower than a certain level. The spectacular shootouts or burning emotions give viewers the most genuine emotions.

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In the movie, the audience will meet again actor Jason Statham as a former employee of the US Drug Prevention Department. After stories, he brought his family to a peaceful city to settle down. But in his new place, he soon had to confront the drug bosses in the area.

RED Series – CIA Come Back (2010)

Also known as “CIA Re-Export” revolves around veteran CIA agents, each of whom holds retirement secrets and is pursued by the CIA. There is no other way, they must gather together, use their experience, superior skills to fight the enemy and break into the CIA headquarters to investigate the cause. This is also the only survival route they have to choose. The choking gun fights are the highlight of this series of best American action movies.

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Die Hard Series

This is a series of famous action films about veteran spy McClane starring Bruce Willis. Each movie is an adventure or, more precisely, a classic McClane mission against organized crime.

G.I Joe film series: Best action-shooting film

This series consists of 2 parts G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Both parts are good, but you might find it a bit superhuman. Still shooting, classic martial arts, but adding modern technology and some myths. Especially in this movie there is the appearance of Lee Byung-hun as Storm Shadow.