Top 15 best American action movies of all time (Part 3)

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The A-Team

Also known as the Outstanding Mercenary. The movie revolves around The A-Team is an action squad consisting of four Special Forces veterans who are unknowingly trapped in a crime they never committed. Running away from prison, they operate out of the law and use all their power to wash their reputation and find the person behind the crime.

Never Back Down

The movie is about Jake Tyler – a very popular soccer star at school, but everything changed when he moved to another high school because here, the real heroes are martial boys. well suited. The fiery martial arts, the pretty girls with long legs are what you can watch in this movie.

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Blood Diamond

Bloody civil war is raging in the South African country Sierra Leone. Solomon’s fisherman’s family separated, his son was taken away by the rebels. During the war, profit seekers like mercenary Danny show up. Knowing that Solomon was hiding the unique pink diamond, dubbed the “blood diamond”, the two became reluctant companions. Each person has a purpose, someone who wants to find children, someone who wants to change his life.

Cop Out

Retired police Jimmy Jimmy lost his rare rugby ticket. This is the hope in her daughter’s upcoming wedding. To find out the big thief, Jimmy invited his colleague Paul. In the process of finding the thief, they got involved in a money laundering mission.


Parker is hard to miss in the list of the best American action movies of all time.

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Once again we meet the image of the “carrier” in the Parker character played by Jason Statham. The story revolves around the professional thief Parker has always kept an unchanging motto: not stealing from people. poor, does not harm innocent people. Because of this inherent principle that after a cheeky deal, Parker is working together to find a way to deal with. Luckily returning from the dead, Parker follows the tracks of his former accomplices to Florida. and outlined a plan for revenge. Pretending to be a Texas player, with the help of a hot Leslie, Parker wanted the reason to be done …

Above are the best American action movies that are highly rated in the Hollywood film industry, have you seen them all? And if there is a missing name, please fill it up with us.