Top 3 best comedies in the world you cannot ignore

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The comedy genre is always the most expensive spiritual dish ever. With the topic of witty humor and no less humane, many comedy films have captured the hearts of audiences around the world.

Not only humorous dialogue, but character images are also clearly depicted. The following top movies will help you feel happier and more loving after watching.

Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence hits theaters on June 17, 2016. The film revolves around the content of an agent of the US intelligence agency specializing in espionage, to punish sophisticated criminals. Not only exceeded the box office revenue target (more than 110 million USD). Central Intelligence is also known for its lead role by Dwayne Johnson.

Cặp đôi gián điệp (Central Intelligence)

The film is an interesting investigation of a pair of identical cards after attending a class meeting. They worked together, helping each other in the terrorist cases. Bob – a CIA agent (Dwayne Johnson) martial arts intensity, always a danger to any criminal even while still in school. He once suffered from nightmares because of his ugly appearance and being teased by his school friends. Kevin Hart, who is very famous in the school, is now an accountant and regrets the glorious days of the past.

Mrs Doubtfire 1993

Mrs Doubtfire 1993 with a duration of 120 minutes (collected 452 million USD). The film made viewers more relaxed and thought about the family. A father who for some reason has not been given custody of his children. Daniel’s father disguised himself as an old, fastidious butler, to meet his dear children.

Bảo mẫu giả danh (Mrs Doubtfire 1993)

A series of unfinished but also emotional situations happened to the family. In middle age struggling with life, Daniel Hillard almost lost custody. Since being deprived of custody of the children, only three children are allowed to see their children once a week. Probably not enough for this poor father. A daring decision was made when Daniel pretended to be an old housekeeper (Mrs. Doubtfire), to live in the same house with her family. Humorous and moving situations are constantly happening in the family. Since then more clearly confirmed the importance of the family in each person’s heart, especially the character of father Daniel.

Home Alone

Every Christmas comes, fans will talk about the movie Home Alone. Character images are clearly depicted. The movie will be the choice for many families who want to watch it together on Christmas Eve or relaxing weekends. Home Alone released in 1990, a 103-minute duration (reaching $ 581.1 million in revenue).

The film is about a young boy who was left behind “an unintended trip” with his family around Christmas. During his time at home alone, he was dealing with 3 thieves who were intending to break into his house.