Two sports movies that are worth playing

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If you are a movies fan, you might have favorites in every genre. Favorite dramas, actions, and perhaps slasher-horror if your taste can extend that far. In this article, let’s take a look at some famous movies about sports.

1. Australian Rules (2002)

Australian Rules stars Nathan Phillips, Lisa Flanagan, and Luke Carroll.

Set a fishing town in South Australian, Australian Rules is the movie adaptation of the Deadly Unna novel by Phillip Gynne in 1998.

It tells the story of teenager Gary “Blacky” Black (by Nathan Phillips) when he steers through Aussie Rules footy finals with his best friend, and promising footy player, Dumby Red (by Luke Carroll). During this time, Gary starts having feelings toward to Dumby’s sister, Clarence (by Lisa Flanagan).

Racism is a major theme in Australian Rules and also largely explores the strained relationship which non-Indigenous Gary has with his rough father Bob (by Simon Westaway), who is not pleased at all with his son mixing with the local Indigenous kids.

Albeit a depiction of the racist tensions of Australia, this movie highlights the positive, unifying effects that sport can. In a town with divided black and white communities, the AFL oval is the only place where everyone gets together.

2. Above the Rim (1994)

Above The Rim stars Duane Martin and Tupac Shakur.

Set in New York City, Above the Rim follows high school Basketball star, Kyle (by Duane Martin) when he navigates relationships in his community, including a former promising basketballer and a local drug dealer, who now works as the security guard of the school. It was part of the 1990s Hollywood movement of grimy stories that were based around basketball culture.  

The Jeff Pollack (the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s co-creator) film depicts what it is like to be young and talented in such a low-socioeconomic community, where many people want to capitalize on your promise as a way of escaping poverty. Simultaneously, it also highlights the importance of leadership and guidance in these kinds of communities, showcased by some fantastic performances. Particularly, Duane Martin, playing leading actor Kyle Watson, actually has basketball skills, which makes the whole thing look grippingly authentic.